"Giving Voice to Values" Ethics Training

The fields of business ethics and compliance deal primarily with awareness of ethical issues and regulations, and analysis of ways to approach these issues – but to date little attention has been paid to providing guidance for action.  When violations come to light, it is typically the case that many people knew of the unethical behavior but did not report it.  Hotlines and whistleblower programs are available, but strong cultural stigmas and professional risks discourage being an “informer”, although various surveys show that the majority of people share the values of honesty, justice and freedom.

 The creator of the Giving Voice to Values method and pedagogy, Mary Gentile, is building a bridge which helps to switch over from abstract debates about ethical principles to their practical implementation by suggesting ways to acquire the skills of ethical behaviour through working within the system.  The objective of this innovative program is to train students and employees to speak up when confronted with situations involving corruption.  It is used by over 250 schools and organizations on all seven continents; teaching materials have recently been translated into Russian and are also available in English.