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"Giving Voice to Values" Ethics Training

The fields of business ethics and compliance deal primarily with awareness of ethical issues and regulations, and analysis of ways to approach these issues – but to date little attention has been paid to providing guidance for action.  When violations come to light, it is typically the case that many people knew of the unethical behavior but did not report it.  Hotlines and whistleblower programs are available, but strong cultural stigmas and professional risks discourage being an “informer”, although various surveys show that the majority of people share the values of honesty, justice and freedom.

 The creator of the Giving Voice to Values method and pedagogy, Mary Gentile, is building a bridge which helps to switch over from abstract debates about ethical principles to their practical implementation by suggesting ways to acquire the skills of ethical behaviour through working within the system.  The objective of this innovative program is to train students and employees to speak up when confronted with situations involving corruption.  It is used by over 250 schools and organizations on all seven continents; teaching materials have recently been translated into Russian and are also available in English.



St. Petersburg "Declaration of Integrity in Business Conduct"


In 1998, at the request of the Administration of the City of Saint Petersburg, CFBE’s founders created one of the first integrity pacts in Russia, the “Declaration of Integrity in Business Conduct”. The Declaration designed to provide an ethical basis for relations between the public and private stakeholders in the St. Petersburg construction sector. Over 140 businesses multinational and local businesses operating in the sector signed the Declaration and made a voluntary pledge to repudiate corrupt practices and adopt a “Model Code of Business Conduct”. The objective of the Declaration was to provide a vehicle for leading businesses to express their collective intent to act voluntarily in accordance with best practices.

To help companies adopt these best practices, CFBE developed a: Model Code of Business Conduct


The undersigned representative of the St. Petersburg business community ("Party to the Declaration") recognizes the following international principles of business conduct as the basis of this Declaration of Integrity in Business Conduct ("Declaration"):
Transparency. The functioning of a market economy presumes that each market participant conducts business with transparency, exchanging accurate information with other market participants on an efficient basis while respecting norms of confidentiality.
Sanctity of Contract Respect for the sanctity of contract and the honoring of oral commitments leads to commercial ties built on good will, trust and reputation for honesty.
Competition. A competitive economy provides transparent rules and opportunities for market participants, rewards quality of performance and deters reproachable methods of obtaining advantages over other market participants.
Repudiation of Corrupt Practices. Corruption inflicts damage on market relations and on the economy as a whole. Repudiation of corruption as a method of business facilitates the process of stabilizing the market.
Legal Settlement of Disputes. A civil market presumes the rejection of illegal and dangerous methods to defend economic interests. Any use of violence against a person in a business dispute, including the use of physical or psychological coercion, is impermissible.


NOW, THEREFORE, in order to integrate the Declaration's principles fully into the business culture of St. Petersburg, by applying the principles consistently in concert with other members of the business community, each Party to the Declaration declares that:


A. The Party to the Declaration has adopted or shall adopt a Code of Business Conduct based upon the principles set forth in this Declaration ("Code").
B. The Party to the Declaration which has adopted a Code shall present the Secretary of the Governor of Saint Petersburg's Council on Investment («Depository») with a copy of the Code at the time of signing this Declaration.
C. The Party to the Declaration which shall adopt a Code shall present the Depository with a copy of the Code as soon as practicable but no later than ninety (90) days after signing this Declaration. In order to ensure that the Code conforms with the principles set forth in this Declaration, each Party to this Declaration which shall adopt a Code can utilize the Model Code of Ethics in Business Conduct attached to this Declaration.
D. The Party to the Declaration shall ensure that the Party's employees are familiar with the provisions of the Party's Code and systems of control that prevent actions by employees that are contrary to the provisions of the Party's Code.
E. The Party to the Declaration shall present the Depository a letter affirming that the Party has faithfully conducted business in accordance with the Party's Code on an annual basis.


A. By signing the Declaration, the Party to this Declaration hereby agrees to be included on a Register of Parties to the Declaration ("Register"), which shall be maintained and publicized by the Depository. The Register shall include the name of the Party to the Declaration and the dates the Party's representatives signed this Declaration.
B. The Depository shall update the Register regularly to include each new Party to the Declaration.


A. The Party to the Declaration is signing and executing the Declaration voluntarily.
B. Two duly authorized representatives of the Party to the Declaration shall sign and seal two (2) copies of this Declaration. One (1) copy shall remain with the Party to this Declaration and the second shall be submitted to the Depository.

For and on the behalf of_______________(Name of Company)_________________________________


Company Stamp


The Russian Church Issues a Code of Moral Principles and Rules for Business

The Expert Council on Economy and Ethics under The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia has made an important contribution to development of business culture in Russia. It has produced a “Code of Conduct” for voluntary adoption by business, associations, state organizations and any party involved in business and other activities. The “Code” expresses high aspirations for Russians to conduct business in everyday life based on Christian values. For further reference, please see the Patriarch's “Code of Conduct”.