November 2011 What Civil Society is Doing New Phase of U.S.-Russia Civil Society Cooperation Launched

70 leading non-profit organizations from the United States and Russia launched a new phase of cooperation during a conference organized by the Civil Society Partnership Program (CSPP) in Moscow from November 12-14. The CSPP is designed to facilitate cooperative action to address social problems that affect both nations. It includes working groups focused on such areas as anti-corruption, local community development, environmental protection, education, migration, child protection, youth, gender equity, new media, public health and human rights.

CFBE Chair Matthew Murray and Transparency International Russia’s President Elena Panfilova participated in the CSPP conference in Moscow as co-chairs of the “US-Russia Working Group on Anti-Corruption and Open Government”. The Working Group made a presentation before the CSPP plenary on priority areas for cooperation action by U.S. and Russian civil society for the next year, including:

  • Priority Action I: Create conditions to encourage and protect whistle-blowers by sharing best practices and success stories
  • Priority Action II: Identify incentives for business to engage in collective action to counter corruption in specific high-risk industries, such as the Russian Energy Compliance Alliance
  • Priority Action III: Develop a framework for business and civil society to apply social network tools to protect whistleblowers and facilitate collective anti-corruption action in specific industries

The CSPP is being implemented by the Eurasia Foundation (USA) in partnership with the New Eurasia Foundation (Russia). For further reference on the goals of the CSPP and the Working Group on Anti-Corruption and Open Government, please see the CSPP web site.