November 2011 CFBE Chair Murray Participates in Launch of World Forum on Governance

CFBE Chair Matthew Murray was invited to participate in the inaugural event of the “World Forum on Governance”, a new initiative being sponsored by the Brookings Institution to tackle that fundamental threat the corruption poses to growth in global markets. The event, which took place in Prague, Czech Republic from November 9-11, was also led by the American Enterprise Institute, Yale’s Millstein Center for Corporate Governance and the Honorable Norman Eisen, former Special Counsel to President Obama for Ethics and Government Reform and current U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic. The World Forum on Governance was founded to explore the synergies between public and corporate governance in fighting corruption and promoting accountable and effective government. It highlights problems of corruption and governance in mature, new, and emerging democracies and in non-democratic regimes—including both unique and common ones. All major stakeholders are represented, including governments, corporations, institutional investors, NGOs, journalists and whistleblowers.

During the Forum, Murray had the opportunity to propose public-private solutions to governance problems to participants. He presented the Energy Compliance Alliance, CFBE’s innovative model to improve governance in a single industrial sector in Russia – power generation – by increasing voluntary compliance with anti-corruption law in state procurement. He also met with leading institutional investors to discuss how to organize collective action to address risks posed by official corruption in Russia.