June 2011 RECA Meets to Discuss How to Deliver Anti-Corruption Toolkit for Members

on 10 March 2013. Posted in Russian Energy Compliance Alliance

In June, CFBE managers met with ABB Country Compliance Officer Ilsur Akhmetshin, and Siemens Energy Compliance Officer Larisa Potapova to discuss next steps in the development of RECA’s Module 1. They discussed different strategies for delivery of an anti-corruption toolkit for members of the “partner chains” of ABB, Siemens and other multinationals in RECA. We agreed that the delivery should focus on three different types of Russian companies in the partner chain: End-users, System Integrators and Entrepreneurs. The meeting helped to lay groundwork to identify challenges in this process and ways to address them, including by working closely with Russia’s regulatory agencies such as the Federal Antimonopoly Service. ABB and Siemens have agreed to take the lead on the delivery of Module 1.