December 2010 First Meeting of Russian Energy Compliance Alliance

on 10 March 2013. Posted in Russian Energy Compliance Alliance

On December 1, 2010 CFBE hosted the first roundtable of the “Russian Energy Compliance Alliance” (RECA). Attendees included representatives of GE, ENEL-OGK 5, Renova, Baker & McKenzie, the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information, U.S. Russia Center for Entrepreneurship, U.S.-Russia Business Council and U.S.-Russia Foundation. RECA aims to help business and civil society leaders in the Russian energy sector take collective action to improve transparency in state procurement of new power generation and energy efficiency systems. During the December 1 roundtable, RECA members discussed strategies for engaging the Russian government in the development of best practices of state procurement and enhancing the participation of small business and civil society in the tendering process. For information on how to participate in RECA, please contact us.