Beginning in 2011, our focus has shifted in several ways:


  • Russian Compliance Alliance: In cooperation with our Russian business network, we have developed an online business ethics compliance self evaluation tool    This represents a shift from a government-business corruption focus to including business - business corruption.


  • Stakeholder Trust  We have introduced a universal business ethics principle: "A basic duty of every organization is to earn stakeholder trust."  Two key features of this principle is that 1) trust is a proxy for ethics; and 2) it is measurable, therefore provides a way to operationalize business ethics.


  • We have developed relationships with many of Russia's top universities and business associations which have provided platforms for discussing these two initiatives.  This resulted from indispensable cooperation from faculty from The Wharton School Department of Legal Studies and Business Ethics, particularly CFBE Director Professor Philip Nichols.  


  • We have closed our Russian NGO, due to "foreign agent" regulations in the Russian Federation.  We operate now as an American 501C3.